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SelectUniversity of Illinois at Chicago Spring 2018 and Summer 2018 applicants Please be prepared to uploada PDF copy Fall 2018 and later applicants IELTSresults must be delivered to our Electronic Download account by the IELTS test center Enrollment Employment

Other Important Information

Assistantships and Funding

Department awards and financial assistance in the form Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships and Fellowships are awarded by the program.

More information on financial support can be found on the Graduate College website .

Contact your intended program to see what funding opportunities are available and whether you are being offeredfunding.

Visa Process for Admitted Students

Financial documents for visa processing are requested by the Office of International Services. Applicants may begin submitting OIS-requested documents online through the application system checklist during the application period, however, they do not need to be submitted until after an admission decision is made.

OIS document requestsdo notaffect application review or admission decisions.

Please see the Ulla Popken Womens Spring Time Pyjama Sets Cheap Sale Latest Supply Collections For Sale eWXi2
for additional details and contact them with inquiries about OIS document requests or financial documents you've submitted.

Official Credential Guidelines

Only admitted applicants who intend to enroll at UICwill be required to submit official, attested and sealed copies of their academic credentials to the Office of Admissions before they can register for theirsecondsemester at UIC. This includes both the transcripts or marksheets and the degree certificate/diploma.

If English translations were required, the original translationsshould also be submitted.

From foreign institutions, copies of original credentials which have been attested by the university or college authority and sealed by the same individual will be considered as official.We understand that many universities only issue one set of final, original credentials. Please do not send originals to UIC, as received documents cannot be returned.


The university may issue the officialcredentials directly to UIC or to the student.As long as the seal is not broken, the credentials will be considered official.

Documents may be considered unofficial for any of the following reasons:

Make a copy of your transcripts or marksheets and degree. Have them stamped/attested by the university or college authority. The same authority will need to seal the credentials in an envelope.

01. on executable crate

💡 When writing binary crates, we can move the main functionalities to and use it as a library from . This pattern is quite common on executable crates.

can link with multiple files.

02. Dependency crate on Cargo.toml

When the code in the file is getting larger, we can move those into a separate library crate and use it as a dependency of the main crate. As we mentioned earlier, a dependency can be specified from a folder path, git repository or by

a. Using folder path

Let’s see how to create a nested crate and use it as a dependency using folder path,

b. Using git repository

If you want to use a library crate on multiple projects, one way is moving crate code to a git repository and use it as a dependency when needed.

c. Using

The other way is uploading it to Cecil Womens 341023 Blouse Cheap Sale Best Place Cheap Find Great Best Seller Cheap Online qYpb79Gij
and use it as a dependency when needed.

🚧 First, let’s a simple “Hello world” crate it to MANGO Frills cotton tshirt Outlet Best Wholesale Discount Fake yCvZfZe8ns

💡 We have to add the description and license fields to Cargo.toml, otherwise we will get

To upload this to,

This is how it describes on Cargo Docs with more details.

The name of our crate is . So it can be found on,📦 https:// /test_crate_hello_world 📑 https:// /test_crate_hello_world

🏗️ Okay then, Let’s see how we can use this from an another crate .

By default, Cargo looks dependencies on . So we have to add only the crate name and a version string to Cargo.toml and then run to fetch the dependencies and compile them.

💭 Crates are bit similar to the packages in some other languages. Crates compile individually. If the crate has child file modules, those files will get merged with the crate file and compile as a single unit.

💭 A crate can produce an executable/ a binary or a library. is the crate root/ entry point for a binary crate and is the entry point for a library crate.

💯 As I mentioned earlier, in here we use simplest examples to reduce the complexity of learning materials. But this is how we need to write to make the code more testable.

When importing a crate that has dashes in its name “like-this”, which is not a valid Rust identifier, it will be converted by changing the dashes to underscores, so you would write

💭 //! doc comments are used to write crate and module-level documentation. On other places we have to use /// outside of the block. And when uploading a crate to , cargo generates the documentation from these doc comments and host it on For Sale Footlocker Cheap New Arrival Fila Rachel Cropped TShirt For Cheap For Sale Sale Prices Footlocker Pictures Online m3Lq55wcs

//! doc comments
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Insights That Will Make You Happier…Hopefully!

I’m a man, yet I’d like to think I see beyond gender, especially at work. Moreover, I have females in my family, so I’m “incentivised” to be fair. I’m sure many of the men recently engulfed in sexual harassment and abuse scandals form Harvey Weinstein to Roger Ailes probably told themselves that too. So, am I really as “unbiased” as I think I am?

One reason for men like me to be concerned is that Footlocker Pictures Cheap Price Weekday Lara Top Green Outlet Store Free Shipping Buy s4brUphF7
of women report being harassed. This suggests that there is something institutional or societal about the mistreatment of women. Certainly, when one looks at the decision-makers at the top of big companies and political parties are heavily tilted to men. This in turn could lead to an association of men with having high status and by extension women with having low status.

This dynamic is further projected on the big screen. Take Tom Cruise, when he first burst on the movie scene in the 1980s, his female co-stars were roughly Vero Moda Womens Parka Jacket UK 10 Pay With Visa Sale Online Shopping Online Sale Online Cheap Sale Cheap Cheapest For Sale Y69AFK3
(he was in his twenties). In the 1990s, the age gap widened to four years, in the 2000s, it widened even further to 12 years and this decade it was widened to a whopping 18 years. His most recent movie “American Made” saw the 55-year old Cruise star opposite the 33-year old Sarah Wright. It would seem that youth and looks take primacy for women, while male actors can be valued for qualities other than just their appearance.

It’s not just Tom Cruise movies that exhibit this bias, a recent quantitative study of movie scripts showed that movies consistently show men as having more authority and control over their destinies. This is true for classic movies likeandIt is even the case with supposedly female centric-movies such asand

Surely this type of reinforcement of gender roles would seep into work, and study after study shows that it does. Indeed, most studies find that men tend to hold women back at work in the following four ways:

1) Get women to “ Prove-It-Again” . When it comes to promotions, men ask women to demonstrate what achievements and skills they have to get the promotion. Meanwhile when it comes to other men, they focus on the man’s potential not past achievements. This allows men to move up the corporate ladder faster as they don’t need to prove themselves again like women.

2) Force women to walk “ the Tightrope”. Men tend to see women either as doormats (feminine, soft) or ice queens (masculine, hard). If a man has “soft” traits he’s seen as charming, while if he has “hard” traits, he’s seen as being a leader. Women therefore have to balance on a tight-rope of being neither too feminine (soft) nor too masculine (cold), unlike men.

3) Assume there is no “ Tug of War” amongst women . Men tend to lump all women together as being part of the “sisterhood”. They assume all women will look out for each other. Yet men don’t assume the same for other men and are careful who they align themselves with or others with. For women, they ignore the possibility that a woman may not be the best match for (say) managing or mentoring another woman. This short-sightedness creates additional obstacles for women.

4) Think that women will hit “t he Maternal Wall”. Men can’t help, but assume that women will lose ambition after having a child. Meanwhile, they, men, will no way lose their ambition after having a child. The question doesn’t even arise. This mind-set puts women on the “mummy career track”, that is, a dead-end.

So how can we, men, overcome these biases. Don’t make women do office “house work” or “support work” (taking minutes, organising meetings, getting tea), help women access our internal and external networks; don’t let other men drown out the voice of women in meetings (and other forums), promote and advertise the accomplishments of women; and don’t dismiss the emotions expressed by women.


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